Welcome to Fircrest Municipal Court

Judge John Miller


“The judicial branch of the City of Fircrest functions to protect the citizens through fairness, honesty and integrity. Just as the people of Fircrest hold us accountable, so will this branch of government be to the people we serve in our courts daily.”


The Honorable Judge John Miller, was appointed to the Fircrest bench in 1995. The Fircrest Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all criminal & gross misdemeanors, infractions and parking violations that occur within the city limits. The Municipal Court offers a number of services for defendants under court to comply with conditions of probation, as well as services and resources for victims. Victims of domestic violence can get temporary protection orders at Pierce County Superior Court.

Fircrest Municipal Court convenes and hearings are held on Wednesdays only. Court starts at 8:15 a.m.