Water Main Replacement on Ramsdell

Water main improvements are planned along Ramsdell from Contra Costa to Forrest Park Drive.  This project has been designed.  The project will be bid the first of next year so that better bids should be received and construction will be early spring of next year.  This project is being funded with the City’s water capital improvement funds.


Alameda Lift Station

This project will be updating a 40 year old pump station with new pumps and better control systems.  This project has been progressing with ordering of equipment and controls.  On site work should start in Mid-October with completion hopefully before Thanksgiving. The project is being funded with the City’s sewer capital improvement funds.




Emerson Sidewalk Project

This project is substantially complete.  The contractor will be fixing a few remaining cleanup items.  The street trees have a warranty period and will be monitored and probably replaced next spring. The sidewalks are open and ready for use.  This project was partially funded by a grant from TIB (Transportation Improvement Board).

Alameda Overlay Grant Project

Funding Delayed and is now slated to begin in 2019

Traffic Signal Safety Improvements Project

Traffic Signal improvements are planned to the signals at the intersections of Alameda and Regents and Alameda and Emerson.  The project has been bid and awarded to Northeast Electric, LLC.  Ordering of equipment will take some time, but hope to have the improvements complete by the end of the year.  This project provides for improvements to the existing traffic signals and pedestrian crossings at these intersections and updates our signal equipment.  Hopefully minor delays at these intersection will be limited during the construction time.  This project is being funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program.