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The Public Works Department


Fircrest’s Public Works Department is the backbone of the city’s infrastructure, responsible for a diverse array of essential services that ensure the smooth functioning and livability of the community.  One of their primary responsibilities is to guarantee the provision of clean and reliable drinking water to residents.  This involves not only the maintenance of water treatment facilities but also the monitoring of water quality to meet health and safety standards.  The department also oversees the maintenance and operation of the sanitary sewer systems, crucial for preventing environmental contamination and safeguarding public health.  Regular inspection and upkeep of sewer lines and pump houses are essential tasks undertaken by our dedicated Public Works Crew. The streets of Fircrest are kept safe and navigable through the diligent efforts of the Public Works Department from street repairs to routine maintenance tasks such as street sweeping and pothole filling, their work ensures smooth traffic flow and enhances road safety for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.  All around Fircrest there are many reminders of what Public Works employees do for our city and residents to keep our city beautiful and livable for our residents.



After Hours Emergency Dispatch for water leaks, sewer backups, hazardous spills, and water reconnections is available at (253) 564-8900




Annual Reports



Public Works Utility Crew

Jeff Davis – Utility Foreman
Jim Marzano
Russ Parsons
Tim Piercy
Salvador Marez

Public Works Maintenance Crew

Bryce Wakefield – Maintenance Lead
Matthew Zych
Riley West
Edward Chavez