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Last Updated 8/14/2018

Summer Water Conservation Tips

Did you know water consumption in the average American home, on summer days, can spike causing significantly higher water usage bills, compared to their “off peak” season?

How can I be WATER SMART in the summer and still have a green grass?

With the City of Fircrest’s 3-tier water rates many are asking “how can I afford to have a nice green lawn without the hefty water bill?”   So, we have completed some information to help those who tend to “over water” their lawn and/or to help use water more wisely in other aspects/areas during the summer months to help promote water conservation and in turn save money on the water usage portion on your bill, click on the title above or the picture to the left to view more information, ideas and tips.


The Public Works Department

Provides a variety of services to the residents of the city including:

Utility Billing

Bills are generated every EVEN month (Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., and Dec.) and are ALWAYS due payable by the last day of the same even month.

   Utility Billing Forms


Water in the City of Fircrest is obtained from five groundwater wells located within the city limits and is fluoridated as well as chlorinated.  The system consists of approximately fifty miles of water mains and three water storage reservoirs.


There are approximately thirty-three miles of sewer mains and seven sewer lift stations.  Sewer is pumped to the City of Tacoma for treatment.


There is a storm drainage system within the City’s approximate thirty-three miles of streets.


The street system in Fircrest consists of approximately thirty-three miles of streets, which are maintained through street sweeping and snow removal programs, pothole repairs as well as right-of-way maintenance.

Public Works Crew

From Left to Right
Roger Schlosstein
Jim Marzano
Bryce Wakefield
Russ Parsons
Tim Piercy
Jeff Davis, Utility Foreman

Report a Problem/Concern

Report a Non-Emergency Problem or Concern Report a Problem / Concern

How Do I Submit My Form(s)

Mail to:
The City of Fircrest
115 Ramsdell St
Fircrest, WA 98466


Fax: (253) 564-3640

Drop Off (during business hours):
City of Fircrest, Public Works Building
120 Ramsdell St
Fircrest, WA 98466

or Drop Off (after business hours)
In one of the two drop boxes available outside the entrance door leading into City Hall.