There are approximately thirty-three miles of sewer mains and seven sewer lift stations.  Sewer is pumped to the City of Tacoma for treatment.

Capital Projects

Alameda Lift Station Improvements

This project will be updating a 40 year old pump station with new pumps and better control systems.  This project has been progressing with ordering of equipment and controls.  On site work should start in Mid-October with completion hopefully before Thanksgiving. The project is being funded with the City’s sewer capital improvement funds.

Do I need a Permit?

You DO NOT need a permit IF you are repairing or replacing your sewer line and you are NOT going to be cutting into the street or Right-of-Way.

If you are going to be cutting into the street you will need a STREET WORK PERMIT

If you are going to be cutting into the Right-of-Way you will need a RIGHT-OF-WAY ENCROACHMENT PERMIT


Call 811 before you dig