Land Use Permits
Please note major amendments to the Development Code go into effect October 21, 2015. The online FMC may not reflect all those changes. See adopted ordinance below.

Land use permits require a base land use permit plus the submittal requirements.

  Base Land Use Permit - required

   Submittal Requirements - select all that apply

    Administrative Design Review

    Administrative Use Permit (AUP)  

    Boundary Line Adjustment 

    Comprehensive Plan Map/Text Amendment 

    Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

    Conditional Use Permit (CUP Amendment)

    AUP for Accessory Structures

    CUP for a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit

    Major Site Plan - Preliminary Review

    Major Site Plan - Final Review

    Minor Site Plan Review 

   Planned Development - Preliminary

   Planned Development - Final

    Planned Development - Minor Amendment

    Plat - Preliminary    

    Plat - Final

    Plat Alteration 

    Plat Vacation 

    Short Plat 

    Site Development

    Variance - Major 

    Variance - Minor 

    Variance - Sign 

    Zoning Map/Development Regulations Amendment


  Planning Services Fee Schedule 

  Critical Areas Study 

  SEPA Checklist 

  Land Use Designations Map

  Zoning Map - Revised 10/13/2015

  Zoning Code (

  Comprehensive Plan

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