**Please note that our permitting system and phone system will be unavailable on Thursday, May 9, 2024 for scheduled network maintenance.**

Starting March 18, 2024, the Permit Center will be short-staffed. As a result, response times may be delayed. For planning and permitting questions, please contact Mark Newman at Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Thank you for your patience while we actively work to fill the role of Permit Coordinator/Code Enforcement Officer.

Through long-range planning and current project processing, the department works with residents and businesses to ensure that the type, scale, character and location of development – both private and public – reflects the community’s vision and values.

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These decisions are guided by the City’s Comprehensive Plan which outlines how the City will meet the community needs for land, public facilities and infrastructure based upon a 20 year forecast of housing and job growth and the Land Development (Zoning) Code which outlines the specific regulations, standards, and guidelines for development.


SBCC Building Codes

Building construction is regulated by the Washington State Building Codes which are updated and adopted every three years. By establishing and enforcing minimum standards for structural stability, adequate entrances and exits, sufficient light and ventilation, energy efficiency and other aspects of construction, the building codes help ensure an acceptable level of health, life and safety protection.


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Fircrest is proud to be a city that can offer ADUs as an alternative to standard Single-Family living. There are two general types of ADUs— Attached and Detached.


In addition to processing planning and building permits, the department oversees business licenses, supports the Planning Commission, inspects nuisance violations, and maintains the City’s Geographic Information System (maps and data).