If you have received an infraction within the Fircrest city limits, there are three options you have for responding to your ticket.

In the lower right hand corner of the infraction, there are three selections:

  1. PAYING THE TICKET: Select the first box and mail in a check or money order for the amount of the ticket. This is will go on your driving record if “traffic” is marked on your ticket. You may also come to the court and pay this at the counter. The counter only accepts cash, check or money order. To pay via credit/debit click here. Any NSF check will be treated as a failure to respond/appear.
  2. MITIGATION HEARING: Select the second box and mail in or bring the ticket to the court. Mitigating your ticket means you are agreeing you committed the infraction but would like to explain the circumstances why.
  3. CONTESTED HEARING: Select the third box and mail in or bring the ticket to the court. Contesting your ticket means you are saying you did not commit the infraction.

When mitigating or contesting your infraction and the court receives your response, the court will send you a Hearing Notice when you are to appear. Included with the notice is a hearing by mail option. When choosing to have a hearing by mail, the information must be received BEFORE the court date. If this is not received, it will be treated as a failure to appear if you do not show up for your appointed hearing time.

Please make sure when responding to a ticket that we have your correct address.

**Please note: Fircrest Municipal Court only has court on Wednesday mornings.