Welcome to Fircrest/Ruston Municipal Court


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Modifications to court operations are as follows:

  • Criminal cases are held in-person at 115 Ramsdell St, Fircrest, WA 98466. Failure to appear will result in a bench warrant for your arrest.
  • Civil infractions will be heard by hearings-by-mail. 
  • Court staff will be available via telephone (253) 564-8922 or via email court@cityoffircrest.net during business hours.


Fircrest/Ruston Municipal Court will serve the public by providing an accessible forum for the fair, efficient and understandable resolution of civil and criminal cases, and by maintaining an atmosphere of respect for the dignity of all individuals.

The Fircrest/Ruston Municipal Court will be the forum in the City of Fircrest for the resolution of all cases of limited jurisdiction. To provide the highest quality of justice, the Fircrest/Ruston Municipal Court will:

  • Provide fair, accessible and timely resolution of cases in an atmosphere of respect for all;
  • Work as an independent branch of the government with other units of government to achieve common goals;
  • Work to improve efficiency while maintaining quality justice and excellent customer services;
  • Serve the public in a timely, impartial, diligent and courteous manner;
  • Respect the diversity of the community.

The Honorable Judge John Miller, was appointed to the Fircrest bench in 1995. The Fircrest/Ruston Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all criminal & gross misdemeanors, infractions and parking violations that occur within the city limits of both Fircrest and Ruston.

The Municipal Court offers a number of services for defendants under court to comply with conditions of probation, as well as services and resources for victims. Victims of domestic violence can get temporary protection orders at Pierce County Superior Court.