The vision of the City of Fircrest is to protect and enhance our identity and quality of life and promote open and honest communication that builds a trusting environment. We will inspire a stronger community by working together toward excellence.


To enhance the quality of life where we live, work, and play, the City of Fircrest provides its citizens with efficient, courteous, and professional services.

Development vision of the Community

To ensure that Fircrest remains a predominantly residential community with vibrant commercial mixed use centers that:

  • Remains an attractive and distinctive place to live
  • Maintains a land use balance that serves residents’ needs
  • Ensures that the basic needs for nutritional food, adequate shelter, and community-centered recreation that provides outlets for physical activity are met for all of Fircrest’s residents
  • Has a sound economic base that ensures basic utilities and urban services are available as needed
  • Provides a safe, healthy environment in which to live, work, and play
  • Has complete streets that are designed for the safety and ease of pedestrians, transit patrons and bicyclists as well as motorists
  • Encourages the increased availability and integration of housing and transportation to support flexibility, mobility, independent living, and services for all age groups and those with special needs
  • Considers the needs of future citizens as well as current citizens
  • Provides ample opportunities for all citizens to become involved with community life and participatory government.