Stack of booksThe City of Fircrest does not belong to a library district, but the City does allocate money each year in the budget to reimburse residents for purchasing a library card. Cards can be purchased from the Tacoma Public Library System in 6 month or 12 month increments. Due to the fact that we are not part of nor do we pay into the Pierce County Library System, Fircrest residents are unable to obtain a card.

Tacoma Public Library
  • $67 for 12 months or $33.50 for 6 months
  • Tacoma Public School students are eligible for a free card
  • Locations
For reimbursement:
  • Turn in your receipt to City Hall
  • Don’t forget to include your name and address
  • A reimbursement check will be mailed (usually within 2-3 weeks)
Tacoma Public Library