Electronic Filing will be available through eFile & Serve – beginning March 18, 2024. Please note electronic filing for attorneys will be mandatory, please see resources for further details.

    1. For more information on eFile & Serve and tutorial information, please visit this site: https://efileus.com/eFileWA/
    2. To register as a user please visit this site: https://efilewa.tylertech.cloud/OfsEfsp/ui/landing


Additional tips:

  • Filers will receive an accepted email with a hyperlink that directs them to their original filed document and an accepted conformed copy with the Court’s eFile stamp.
  • The conformed document is only available for 90 days in eFile & serve, filers are responsible for their own document management.
  • Filers can also access their envelope details from the Dashboard, choosing filing history, selecting actions, envelope details.
  • Filers can search by the defendants’ name; radio button has case # and/or party search option. Party search can also be used to look up license plate, state abbreviation in the first name, plate number in the last name.
  • Waiver payment account information and instructions can be found by searching “adding a waiver payment account” in user guides found HERE.