The Fircrest Police Telephone Reassurance Program is a way to promote security and peace of mind for “at risk” older adults or disabled Fircrest residents.  A staff member will call you once a week on a prearranged day to verify your well-being. If we cannot reach you, we will reach out to local contacts you’ve provided us with and request they check on you.  If no one can be reached a Fircrest officer will stop by your home and do a Welfare Check.  Brochures are available at the Fircrest Police Department, City Hall, and the Fircrest Community Center.

The program is free of charge and available to older adults and adults with disabilities that reside within the Fircrest city limits.  Reassurance calls are available weekly on either Monday or Friday between 2pm and 5pm.  If you have questions please contact the Fircrest Police Department Business Office at 253-565-1198.  Applications are available by clicking the link below.  Just print out the application and bring it in to the Fircrest Police Department.


Telephone Reassurance Program Application