The City’s Water System consists of 5 groundwater wells and 3 water storage tanks with approximately 1.8 millions gallons of storage capacity.  Additionally, the City’s water system has 3 pressure reducing zones, 1 booster pump station, and 38 miles of water main.  All water that is provided by the City is chlorinated and fluoridated.  Distribution of water is captured through 2402 metered locations.  Fircrest Public Works staff are dedicated to serving the residents of Fircrest with the delivery and availability of safe drinking water and fire flows for property protection.


Water Quality / Treatment

  • The City of Fircrest water is fluoridated and chlorinated.
  • Each June we provide our Annual Water Quality Report to residents of the city
2023 Annual Water Quality and Water Use Efficiency Brochure
2022 Annual Water Quality and Water Use Efficiency Brochure


 Meter Readings

The City of Fircrest does meter readings during the first 7 business days of every even month (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct & Dec).

Water Consumption High?

Plumber fixing a water leak. Cartoon image of a plumber fixing a leak royalty free illustrationDo I have a Leak?
Water Conservation Tips Residential Water Conservation Tips


Be Prepared to Stop Capital Project(s)


Installing a Backflow Device?

You will need a BACKFLOW PERMIT.

Please NOTE:

  1. You will need to purchase your backflow device before applying as you will need the make and serial number of the device to complete the permit application.
  2. Every Backflow Assembly MUST be tested ANNUALLY by a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester with a copy of the annual test to be filed with the City of Fircrest each year.