Officer John Roberts

Hi, my name is Ofc. John Roberts and I’ve been working for the City of Fircrest since November 2018. Previously I worked for Ruston PD, Mason County Sheriff’s Office, and 2 years with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy. I grew up in Pierce County and lived here most of my life. I spent 4 years in the Marine Corps and have a technical background from working in the telecom and I.T. services. I also operated a small telecom business installing network cabling and telephone service.  I went into the Police career field because I wanted to be part of something important and believe my background and experience would allow me to be an asset. I am truly happy to be working in the City of Fircrest.

In my off time, I enjoy gardening?  Well, I grow vegetables. If you have a garden I can see from the street, chances are I’ve eyeballed your garden.  I also enjoy dirt biking and race hare scrambles and other off-road events. My wife and I enjoy camping with friends in the mountains and love being outdoors in the summer and fall to ride. I’m pretty into technology and like home automation and other technical gadgets. Solar is big right now and I have several small solar projects around the house, powering my greenhouse, address light, and shed.


I like hot dogs.

If you happen to see Officer Roberts please introduce yourself and say, “hi”!