November 21, 2018

Capital Campaign Consultant RFQ

RFQ Specification Document

The City has recently completed the schematic design of the City’s pool and community center, and is starting the design development phase of the project.  Currently, preliminary cost estimates put the project around $18 million. Most of the project will be funded by a park bond that will go before City voters in April 2019. A signification portion of the funding will also come from City reserves, a state grant, and private donations. The City desires to lower the taxpayers’ share as much as possible – thus greatly improving the chances that voters will approve the bond – by raising additional funds. The City has secured a $1 million gift from a family fund, and a $2 million request is pending with another foundation. The City is seeking the services of a professional fundraising consultant to guide the development of a strategy to assess how much additional private funds could be raised, and to assist City staff and City Council in facilitating those requests.

The deadline for RFQ responses is Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 5:00 pm. Submit one hard copy and one electronic copy of your qualifications to:
City of Fircrest
ATTN: Scott Pingel, City Manager
115 Ramsdell Street
Fircrest, WA 98466

The electronic copy can be emailed to

Project Information

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