January 26, 2021

New number connects callers to non-emergency police, fire, and medical assistance

South Sound 911 has a new non-emergency phone number: 253-287-4455.

This number – or its in-state toll-free counterpart, 800-562-9800 – should be called instead of 911 when the situation does not require immediate police, fire, or medical response. Using the non-emergency line helps keep 911 available for true emergencies – imminent threats to life or property, or in-progress crimes.

Example situations where the non-emergency line is appropriate include:

  • Burglary which occurred while you were away and there is no suspect or threat of danger
  • Vandalism that is not in-progress
  • Fireworks complaints

Certain non-emergency incidents may even be reported online, depending on the jurisdiction in which it occurred.

When in doubt, South Sound 911 recommends calling 911, or texting 911 when appropriate.

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