March 14, 2022

Pierce County Rental Assistance Portal is open

Pierce County Rental Assistance Portal is open

The application period is once again open for people looking for rental assistance.

Households that have not yet received assistance are being prioritized. If you already received assistance with rent or utilities and need additional assistance, please contact the provider who served you initially and they will put you on a waitlist. The provider will update you with a timeline and how to proceed once they begin to process the list.

Tenants who received a 14-day notice to pay or vacate should contact the Center for Dialog and Resolution for assistance and processing. Additionally, there are programs available to assist tenants with employment opportunities, utility assistance (separate from this program), Aging and Disability Resources, Veteran Resources, and affordable housing. Please call 211 to find out about additional programs.
Households seeking Utility Assistance or who have a utility disconnect notice:

People who live in the county, and outside the city of Tacoma, are encouraged to apply for Energy assistance through the county. Those that live inside the city should apply for assistance through MDC. People should also contact their respective utility providers regarding their circumstances and to pay as much as they can with available resources.

A few things to note:

If you applied in 2021 using the old portal, click here and select “forgot your password”. Enter your email address and you will be sent a link to reset your password and log in. Once you are signed in, please check to see if you are missing any required documents. Upload all documents as soon as possible so that your application can be processed.

If you need to apply (did not apply in 2021) OR if you started an application in 2021 but did not submit click here and select “register now”. Please complete the application and upload all documents to submit. This includes all landlord information.

Both tenants and landlords must submit an application for a unit in order for the application to be considered complete and added to the queue.

Application Updates:
The county is processing applications received on September 22. If you applied after this date, your application has not been referred to a provider yet.

If you applied before September 22, and have not been contact by a provider, please check your spam/junk folder first. If you do not find anything from your provider, send an email to Please send your message from the email you applied with or include the email you applied with in your message.

For more information on what documents are required to submit your application, please click here.



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