August 23, 2019

Public Notice for Electron Parking Changes

8/23/2019 – Public Notice

Changes coming to Electron Way from Spring Street to Contra Costa.

As part of the overall improvements to the new pool and community center, additional parking was looked at to support this and other activities at Fircrest Park.

The City Council directed staff to look at alternatives for additional parking and also potential traffic calming ideas on Electron Way. The City had KPG, the City’s traffic consultant, looked into alternatives to accomplish this with a minimal impact. KPG completed their work with a recommendation to provide angled parking along the north side of Electron Way adjacent to Fircrest Park

KPG identified a range of street parking concepts along Electron Way adjacent to Fircrest Park.

The preferred parking concept includes 45-degree angled parking with 10’ wide parking stalls. This degree of angled parking allows for easy pull-in access for traffic driving west on Electron Way. The 10’ wide stalls add comfort between cars. 45-degree angled parking also decreases stall depth, which provides more clearance between traffic and the back of parked vehicles and allows the City to add the parking without the need for major construction, leaving the current curbs and sidewalks intact.

Traffic Calming

The added parking provides for a traffic calming effect due to the visual narrowing of the roadway. Traffic will tend to slow down along the parking. Due to the offset in center lines at the intersection of Electron Way and Contra Costa and also a proposed painted island, traffic should be calmer in this area.

Coming Changes

Later this fall, towards the latter part of September, Public Works will begin implementing these changes. The existing striping will be removed and the new striping including the angled parking will be implemented. Public Works will provide additional notice as the implementation of this striping change gets closer.

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