October 2, 2023

Sewer Main Pipe Bursting Project

The City of Fircrest Sewer Department is working with a contractor to replace a backyard sewer main on the 100 block between Eldorado Ave and Farallone Ave. This project is scheduled to start with underground utility locating on Monday October 2nd. Construction of this project is scheduled to start on Monday 10/9 and last approximately two weeks. Door notifications were placed at all potentially impacted homes and outreach was conducted on September 18th prior to initial exploratory work.

The Process:

Pneumatic pipe bursting is a process of replacing old and damaged sewer pipes by bursting the old pipe using a pneumatic tool. The pneumatic bursting tool is similar to a large hammer that makes its way through the old pipe as a new high-density polyethylene pipe is pulled in behind it. A portable winch is used to assist the process. A pneumatic cracking hammer based on a piercing tool or horizontal ramming hammer is used to break and displace the host pipe. The pipe bursting tools are arranged at the front or rear end of the bursting hammer and transmit the ramming energy into the host pipe and crack it.

Please contact Fircrest Public Works for additional information:

(253) 564-8900



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