December 27, 2021

Weather Update From Westside Disposal

We are getting a bunch of questions regarding those who weren’t able to be serviced last week. Here’s what you need to know if you weren’t picked up:

  1. Please plan on our drivers returning on your regularly scheduled day. Please bag up any extra you may have and place next to your cart (up to the equivalent of your service level).
  2. If you have every other-week garbage service, please place your garbage cart out at the curb THIS WEEK, and then resume your regular schedule again next week.
  3. Recycling and yard waste drivers will be returning NEXT WEEK. Again, feel free to bag any extra (up to the equivalent of your service level) and place next to your cart.

4.. Please be clear which bags are which… If you are able, please separate the carts away from each other so we know which bags belong in which trucks, or clearly mark the bags with the contents.

We are open from 8:30-4 every day this week if you’d rather bring your material into our facility for disposal. We will also be open on Saturday from 9-1 if you’d like to bring it up then.

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