August 2, 2021

Business and Rental Assistance Programs

The City of Fircrest is excited to announce another round of the COVID-19 related Business, Utility, and Rental Assistance Grants. At the July 27th City Council meeting, the City Council approved Resolution No. 1717 establishing the Business, Utility, and Tenant Assistance Program. The City recently received additional ARPA funds through the Treasury Department.

The purpose of the Business, Rental, and Utility Assistance grants is to assist small businesses and residents located within the City of Fircrest that have experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19. The intent of the assistance grants for rental and utility assistance is to assist with past due amounts that are owed by the renter or Fircrest utility customer. Business Assistance Criteria is included in the forms below. On the Business Assistance application, in describing the COVID-19 impacts on your business, please also provide an estimate of the increased costs and lost income due specifically to the pandemic since March 3, 2021.

The city intends on having an ongoing assistance program to ensure the needs of our community members are being met. Applications will be reviewed and approved on an ongoing basis. Depending on the number of applications received the City may approve grants as often as once a month, however, the City will do at least one review each quarter regardless of the number of applications received.

Not everyone that applies for an assistance grant will receive an award. Please become familiar with the required information on the application forms and for the business assistance program, be sure to familiarize yourself with the grant criteria and procedures, which include eligibility.

Applications & Criteria:

Please e-mail your application to the City Manager, Scott Pingel at or drop the application off at City Hall.

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