October 12, 2022

RFQ – Comprehensive Plan Update – Revised 11/22/22

RFQ Complete Document


Periodic Review and Update of Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations

Proposal Due Date: 12/16/2022


The City of Fircrest previously issued an RFP for this project and invited your company to view the request. Based on the input the City received in response, Fircrest has elected to circulate a revised RFP for its 2024 GMA Update.

The revised RFP increases the “should not exceed” amount to $115,000 and modifies the scope of work by eliminating the preparation of new Economic Development, and Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience, elements. Other revisions are meant to clarify the City’s intentions and expectations for this project.

The City does not anticipate a need for there to be substantial revisions to the Plan or development regulations as part of the 2024 Update.


The City of Fircrest is preparing for its 2024 Comprehensive Plan periodic update and is looking for an experienced consultant team to lead and guide the City through the update process.

The primary baseline document for this effort is the Fircrest Comprehensive Plan, first adopted in 1996. The Plan underwent its most recent periodic review in 2016 and was subsequently amended in 2018 and 2020. The City’s current planning documents may be viewed at the website link:  Adopted Planning Documents – City of Fircrest



Complete submittals are required to be submitted by December 16, 2022, at 5:00 PM PST. All costs for developing response submittals are the obligation of the firm and are not chargeable to the City. All submitted documentation will become the property of the City and will not be returned. Proposals may be submitted early and withdrawn at any time before the published due date listed above, provided notification is submitted in writing to the City’s agent.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all submittals and to waive any irregularities or information in the evaluation process. The final decision is the sole decision of the City, and the respondents to this formal request have no appeal rights or procedures guaranteed to them.

Options for Submittal:

  1. Deliver to:

City of Fircrest
115 Ramsdell Street
Fircrest, WA 98466
ATTN:  2024 Periodic Review RFP

  1. Email to: jwestman@cityoffircrest.net




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