Historic Picture of Regents Park

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So many memories have been created in our pool and community center. This is where generations of children learn to swim. The youngest kids play peewee soccer and basketball. The Daddy/Daughter Dance sells out every February. The gym is packed with families who come to see Santa every December. Our youth basketball program is at capacity. Adults come to play ball, do yoga, play cards, and other activities. Law enforcement agencies use it for underwater safety training every year. The Kiwanis Club hosts a spaghetti dinner, pancake breakfast and other popular events. New memories will be created in these new facilities for decades to come.

Here’s what your neighbors are saying:

“Meeting the needs of seniors and kids is important and a new pool and community center supports our whole community.”

“When I was young, I was at the pool every day. I want it available for all children. It is the hub of our community.”

“This has become generational for our family. Someday, when I have grandchildren, I will bring them to this beautiful place.”

“We need more things for teens to do, whether it’s a place for kids to do homework or play basketball or just hang out in a safe environment.”

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The pool and community center have been the “heart of Fircrest” for nearly 60 years. These new facilities will address the needs of the growing community and offer more recreational opportunities for future generations.