Project History

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About the Project

Since 1960, the heart of our community has been the Roy H. Murphy Community Center and Pool, located in Fircrest’s 21-acre park system. Generations of families have enjoyed pool time, pancake breakfasts, senior events and youth and adult sports here. But after nearly 60 years, the community center and pool have reached the end of their useful life.

In April 2019, Fircrest citizens came together around a shared vision:


To build a modern community center and pool with safer, more efficient and larger facilities to better meet the community’s needs through additional recreational opportunities – A Gathering Place for All.

Voters approved a $13.5 million parks bond measure to build the new community center and pool on the existing site. The parks bond will cover 75 percent of construction costs.

We are raising the rest of the funds – a total of $8.5 million – from individuals, foundations and other private sources. We’ve already raised $6.5 million towards our goal, with $2 million left to raise.

Why do we need a new pool?

The pool opened in 1962, and after 57 seasons of serving the community it has reached the end of its lifespan. It leaks thousands of gallons a day. The city spent $33,000 trying to repair it last year, and it still leaks. There are no more fixes; the city can’t find replacement parts anymore.

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Why do we need a new community center?

The community center opened in 1960 and needs major improvements to enhance safety and cleanliness and to provide a welcoming environment. The building has a leaking roof, the junior high-scale gymnasium is undersized, the bathrooms are small, do not meet ADA requirements, lack privacy, and the gym’s rubber floor is failing. A cost benefit analysis showed that rebuilding rather than renovating makes the most sense.

Related Materials: Community Center Predesign Report (07/2016) | Community Center & Pool Survey Results (08/2017) | Pool & Community Center Online Survey (10/2018)

Steering Committee

The volunteer Pool, Community Center, and Parks Steering Committee was formed in 2018 by Fircrest residents to help guide the project scope and design and help with public education.

We thank them for their support and time in representing our community’s vision for this great project.

Steering Committee Members: Sarah Viafore, Bonnie Blair, Rick Price, Charlene Laymon, Kate Owens, Andreas Schonger, Brian Ryboldt, Bonnie Viafore, Leslie Rider, Joe Barrentine, Mary Ruth Pape, Amy Hackett, Brett Wittner (chair), Blake Surina, Shannon Reynolds.

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