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Weekly Schedules

For information on individual programs, please visit:

The Names Family Foundation Gymnasium



  • Drop-In Pickleball
  • Drop-In Adult Basketball
  • Youth Basketball League
  • Ping-Pong
  • Tot Gym
  • 16 & Under Programs


The Tom & Meg Names Multi-Purpose Room

  • Gentle Hatha Yoga
  • Gentle Hatha Chair Yoga
  • Thursday Youth Art Club
  • Afternoon Drop-In Ping Pong





The Names Family Foundation Fitness Room


  • Bridge for Beginners
  • Creative Movement Ballet
  • Yin Yoga & Meditation




The Gathering Space

  • Senior Mornings
  • Tot Story Time





The Youth Room

  • Open to all youth!
  • Snapology







March 2023


Weekly Activities:



Respectful Behavior Guidance


All persons in attendance at the Roy H. Murphy Community Center will be respectful of all others and the property off all others at all times. The use of aggressive physical contact (this includes fighting, play fighting, rough-housing, and wrestling), vulgar gestures, abusive or obscene language, including but not limited to, racial, sexual, or religious references, directed at other members, guests, volunteers, or staff may result in the temporary suspension of the member’s right to use the Community Center, Pool or possibly being suspended and trespassed from both facilities.

*Certain actions may result in the immediate suspension, expulsion, or trespass depending on severity. Compliance with these rules is mandatory.


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